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Four Ways to Make Your Business COVID Safe

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COVID has been a huge challenge for small businesses. However, many of them have adapted thanks to new technologies and ideas, from our QR code builders online to click and collect and premises that have been completely transformed for the new normal.

If you’re looking to make changes to your business to make it more COVID safe, check out our advice for small businesses below.

Know the UK Government Rules

The first step to making your business COVID-secure is knowing and understanding the new rules put in place by the UK Government. Many of these are rooted in the scientific understanding of virus prevention, so it pays to follow them!

The rules regarding business safety against COVID infection differ slightly depending on your industry. The needs of a salon are different from those of a bakery! However, there are some basic expectations that are now the norm across all sectors:

  • People should always be two metres apart where possible.
  • Frequent cleaning and hand washing should take place.
  • Good ventilation can reduce the spread of COVID.


Create Added Protection

One of the first steps many businesses have had to take is the introduction of new equipment to add more protection against the spread of coronavirus. these include, but are not limited to:

  • Perspex sheets
  • Hand sanitising stations

There are also little changes that businesses are making to their premises to make sure they offer protection. Many offices have rearranged desks while stores have introduced new, longer queues so people can keep a safe distance.

COVID queue spots on the floor

Increase Your Communication

There are lots of steps businesses can take to make their premises COVID secure. However, ultimately, it’s down to the behaviour of employees and customers to ensure protection for everyone. Therefore, signage is equally vital.

Make sure your business has adequate signage inside and out letting everyone know what precautions they must take, such as wearing a mask or if there’s a maximum capacity.

Having adequate signage not only makes it more likely that people will follow the restrictions but also gives more confidence to people who are wary of the virus. By showing you have taken the right steps, people will be happy to interact with your business.


Go Online

It’s no coincidence that online industries have tended to fare better over the last twelve months. While for some brick-and-mortar outlets, going fully online isn’t an option, moving as much online as possible further reduces the risk for everyone.

If you’re a retail or takeaway outlet, implementing click and collect services minimises contact while maintaining the business. For offices, having non-essential staff work from home makes social distancing in your premises much more manageable.


Track and Trace

Track and trace is a key part of any customer-facing establishment, particularly those in hospitality but also in other sectors. Pen and paper versions are not only bad in terms of security but can also become ways for the virus to spread.

Here at RapidReg, we’ve built an online registration form builder that can be used for track and trace. Not only is our solution simple to use and secure, but it’s also free, allowing you to get started right away.

A QR code scanner at a venue


There have been so many challenges for businesses over the last year or so. However, we’re now at a point where everyone needs to adapt to the new challenges. By making our establishments COVID safe, we can slowly return to a new normal and support our favourite small businesses.






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