Registrations for Event Planners

Registrations for Event Planners

Offer your customers, clients and members an efficient, secure and contactless solution to Meeting Scheduling, Open Day Registration, Lead Generation, Appointment Booking, Event Registration.....and so much more, all for FREE

Event Planner

Why do Event Planners need RapidReg?


Your industry has to adapt to changing times, you owe it to your customers to provide a modern way to register. Our QR code technology is a fast and effective way for your customers to register on their smart device.

Contactless Registrations and Forms


Gone are the mounds of paper stuffed in a drawer to be forgotten about. Digital registration means no mess, more useful data and a positive impact on the environment.

Furthermore, with the help of The Billion Trees Project, we'll plant trees on your behalf.

Paperless Forms

No Queues

Don't waste time having your visitors sign in one by one - have them register before they arrive, or position multiple kiosks to allow faster registration.

Reduce Queues

Marketing Integrations

Business tools should do the heavy lifting for you. Now you can link all of your business tools together with Zapier integrations meaning you can focus on pushing your business forwards, with a better marketing strategy.

Marketing and Integrations

GDPR Compliant

Ensure you are being transparent with what your customers data is being used for. Where a customer is aware that they will be receiving marketing materials they are more likely to engage.

GDPR Compliant


Your obligations as a business owner in the industry shouldn't take as much time as your aspirations. Your data should be easy to export and beneficial to you.

Exportable Registrations

What our customers have to say...

RapidReg has taken our shop to the next level. I'm never on the phone, clients are booking themselves in and paying upfront. Can't imagine going back now. Great work RR!

- Luke, Fore St Barbers

We had to change for COVID restrictions. We now take contact details in advance. All of the information is ready when they arrive and walk ins are really grateful for an easy alternative to the NHS app.

- Monica, Riverside Cafe

An instant improvement.... Customers are arriving on site registered, disclaimer signed and ready to play. They spend more time buying extra products and food. Best of all... no more manual data entry to market to them later.

- Martin, Skirmish Paintball

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Your first 100 registrations are completely free, and we'll provide you with a further 50 registrations for everyone you refer to us.

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Our Mission

RapidReg was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our background in productivity technology for the events industry meant that our client base was hit very hard. We really wanted to use our skills and experience to help other business owners who have also been hit hard. RapidReg is our way of giving back to those who are ready to push their business forward in the face of adversity.

So our mission is clear….


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