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A Tree for Every Visitor

Choose how many trees you'd like RapidReg to plant on your behalf when visitors submit forms, further off-setting your carbon footprint as a business.

The Billion Trees Project

The Billion Trees Project & RapidReg

RapidReg are working together with The Billion Trees Project, taking real action against climate change through reforestation, supplying employment in countries of extreme poverty and removing more greenhouse gasses than the carbon footprint puts in.

Being paperless is just the start of the journey to further off-set your carbon footprint. RapidReg will plant a tree on your behalf when you sign up to our paid plan and you can plant trees for your website visitors, clients and customers.

To discover more about our eco-friendly mission, click here.

The Billion Trees Project
The Billion Trees Project

Paperless, Compliant & Secure Data

Say goodbye to stacks of paper or manual entry. Everything is compiled and securely stored digitally….Better still, you’re doing your bit for the environment. Win, win!

Gone are the mounds of paper stuffed in a drawer to be forgotten about. Digital registration equals no mess, more useful data and a positive impact on the environment.

The Billion Trees Project
The Billion Trees Project

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Our Eco-Mission

As a business, we’re on a mission to plant 1 billion trees. We want to encourage businesses with the same values to join our mission to offset their carbon footprint in a simple yet beneficial way with the collection of complaint customer data.

The Billion Trees Project