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Contactless is Key

Offer your customers, clients and members an efficient, secure and contactless solution to online registrations

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Contactless is Key

Contactless Registration
Contactless Registration

Contactless Precedes Efficiency

Contactless registration forms have never been more relevant, but this is not a phase. This is the new normal; it’s what your customers now expect.

This is a great opportunity to provide a better experience. RapidReg creates you a QR code so customers can use their own device (which may already have their data saved) to register on site without then need to download an app.

From barbers to bakeries, accountants to activity centers and construction to consultants, our tools can be used for a wide variety of industries.


Point and scan without an app

A QR code allows customers to access your form just by pointing their smart phone at it.

Put them at any registration point within your business to reduce queues. They’re free, automatically generated and print ready displayed with your branding.

Join our eco-mission by adding the ‘One Billion Trees’ badge to your QR code and encourage customers to climate positive whilst gaining compliant data.

Contactless Registration


Save time with pre-registration

Your customers can complete forms before arriving with you in person or online.

Send them the link to fill out all their information and have them show their confirmation email upon arrival for instant and contactless access to your business.

Contactless Registration
Contactless Registration

Pen and paper has seen better days

We often hear that pen and paper works for businesses; ‘nothing can go wrong’. This simply isn’t the case. Your business has one flood, fire or even spillage away from not keeping the data you are legally obligated to.

What’s more, you are unable to use the data for anything productive whilst it is tied up on ‘old reliable’. It isn’t going to give you a database of people to market to, it wont speed up your processes, it’ll spread germs and unless you have each customer write their details on a new piece of paper, it can cause a security breach.

Is it time you moved to a new way? RapidReg offers an alternative to all of that and helps save the planet.

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Our Mission

RapidReg was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our background in productivity technology for the events industry meant that our client base was hit very hard. We really wanted to use our skills and experience to help other business owners who have also been hit hard. RapidReg is our way of giving back to those who are ready to push their business forward in the face of adversity.

So our mission is clear….