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How can I use a QR Code to collect charity donations?

Scan to donate QR code on charity collection box

Very simply - and very efficiently. But let’s start with the basics and then move onto their potential…

What is a QR Code?

QR Codes - they’re those little black and white square patterns that look like a wacky 60s pop-art designer has reworked the chessboard, right?

Well, yes and no… Yes, they ARE QR codes, but in fact they can be any colour, or even multi-coloured, providing there is enough contrast between the light and dark areas.

But for now, let’s stay with the classic monochrome design we know and love.  And even if you don’t yet know much about QR Codes, you will learn to love them - because they are set to revolutionise charity collections.

So for you QR virgins out there, let’s first take a closer look…

The QR Code performs much the same function as barcodes.  But where barcodes can only be read in one direction, top to bottom - as you will have discovered if you’ve struggled to find the ‘beep point’ at the DIY checkout in your local supermarket - the QR code can be read in two directions (top-to-bottom and left-to-right).  

And that means it can hold much more information - and it’s easier to scan.

They are also incredibly efficient.  They can hold lots of data and once people scan it, it’s all available instantly, hence the QR moniker - Quick Response Codes.

QR Codes are also very easy to read.  Most smartphones have built-in QR scanners, some in their cameras.  Older phones might need an app to read QR Codes, but these are easily downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Anyone reading the code simply opens the QR reader or camera on their smartphone, points it at the code, from any angle, and the information appears instantly on their phone.

Are QR Codes safe?

QR Codes can’t cannot be hacked and any security risks stem not from QR code technology but from the final destination of each code.

Anybody can create a QR code and have it point to any online destination they want to, but providing consumers don’t scan codes they can’t verify - for example, a QR code at a café rather than an unmarked code on a poster at a bus stop - they are perfectly safe.

In fact, QR Codes are often used as an additional security measure and some online banking sites use QR codes as part of two-factor authentication. 

How can your charity make the most of QR Code donations?

By simply displaying a QR Code on donation boxes, buckets, banners and flyers, you give people who don't carry cash a way to donate and pay quickly and easily from their own mobile device.

They can also make your collections more efficient by providing location intelligence - by allocating different codes to locations, you can see instantly which areas around town are generating the most donations.

And QR Codes can boost your potential for future collections by capturing GDPR-compliant data from every person who donates so you can re-market to them at a later date.


Charity worker collection donations

So what’s the next step?

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