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How to maximise your charity’s street collections using QR Code location intelligence

Location Intelligence

Charities are already using new technology to analyse donations made online - but now that same technology can be used to make the most of collection points across town.

No cash?  No problem - in fact, it can really work for you!

The trend towards a cashless society - accelerated recently by COVID restrictions and a growing take-up of phone payment methods (particularly among the young) - means fewer people carry the cash they used to drop in collection buckets.

But what might be seen as a negative trend can actually be turned to your advantage.

If you display QR Codes on donation boxes, buckets, banners and flyers, people can make donations using their smartphones - and that means you have access to all the same data as if they’d donated through your website.

By allocating different QR Codes to each location, you can see instantly which locations are performing best - and track the conversion rate too.

So the introduction of this new on-the-spot online payment method means you can maximise the amount collected on the day - and at the same time gather information that will prove invaluable when planning future collection campaigns.


The start of something big?

But that’s only the beginning of the benefits of the QR Code collection system.

With the permission of your donators - simply sought and given as part of the online payment process - you can also gather GDPR-compliant data and re-market to them at a later date.

So a casual passing donation could become the start of on-going donations stretching into the future.


What’s the next step?

Sign up now to take advantage of this exciting development in charity collection technology.   Pay yearly and it costs just £10 a month (saving you £60) and includes the generation of your QR Code, or Codes, which is all done for you in seconds.

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