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How Your Business Can Reduce Paper Waste

Sheets and crumpled balls of paper

We can all do our part when it comes to adopting more sustainable practices in our own lives and for our businesses. Reducing paper waste is an actionable change and an easily-attainable step in the right direction!

Here at RapidReg, our online form builder makes moving away from relying on paper that much easier. Going green while improving your business has never been simpler!

How else can you go about reducing paper waste and ensuring your business makes being more eco-friendly a top priority? 


Be Mindful of What You Print

Printing out forms or documents can be useful if you need a tangible representation of something, but when it comes down to it, physical printed notes can often be unnecessary. 

With the majority of businesses establishing themselves digitally, printing becomes less necessary, but many of us may still do it out of habit. 

Be mindful of the things you’re printing and how much. Question whether it’s really something that needs to be printed or if you can achieve your task just as effectively digitally. 

Having some kind of company-wide print policy can help remind others to think about how much material they are printing.


Store Data and Files Digitally

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The days of bulky filing cabinets full of pages of information and thick folders are long past us. With the ability to store things safely online, there is no need to build up a physical paper trail anymore! 

There are plenty of cloud-based storage options out there that can be utilised by your business. Making the transition to online storage if you haven’t already will help to instantly reduce your paper usage.


Take Digital Notes

If you’re an avid note-taker at work, there’s something to be said about the convenience of whipping out a pen and quickly getting something down on paper. However, this is an easy way to build up your paper usage unnecessarily. 

There are plenty of online applications that allow you to take notes and make lists easily. This also eliminates the need to use more paper to make any updates, edits or additions, as adding to your digital notes will be seamless.


 Recycle Scrap Paper

A blue bin with a recycle symbol on it

If it’s not possible to go completely paper-free, remember to recycle any paper you no longer need rather than throwing it away. 

Keep recycling bins around your premises and encourage others in the workplace to be mindful of this practice as well.


Prioritise Sustainability in the Workplace

Cultivating a company culture that prioritises and rewards efforts in sustainability is another way to ensure that you and your business are truly committed to reducing paper waste and any other areas that could be improved. 

Don’t order hordes of paper and stationery, when in all likelihood, it will go to waste – as you can see, there are plenty of ways to operate your business without relying on paper and printing! 

Hopefully, we have inspired you to start making a difference today and commit to reducing your business’s paper waste!



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